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Wetnose Wednesday

His name isn’t Luke, but you can be his father!                                Jedi has eyes as bright as the stars in the sky! He’s a real life Ewok with his bear like face and sweet boy cuddles! Jedi is an approximately 1 year old, male mixed breed, although there is a suspicion of him being part Aussie or Husky; but as we say, Mutts are like a box of chocolates,  you never know what you’re gonna get! Jedi is our favorite kind of dog, a RESCUE! He came to us a stray and no one ever missed him enough to come searching for him. Are you the kind that likes to sing? Well Jedi is singing with you!  You sing to him, he’ll howl back!  He is great with other dogs and cats aren’t too interesting, he’s a very well behaved boy!  This boy also has a but, and it’s not as cute as the fluffy one he wags around. Jedi is unfortunately heartworm positive. He has received an initial dose of ivermectin upon his arrival but treatment is not something that can be done at our shelter. His treatment/management of this nasty, yet preventable disease would be the responsibility of his adopting family. One pill a month is all it takes to avoid contracting this bug, literally! Please know that being in the southern states, mosquito’s are a given but it doesn’t mean your dog has to suffer because of so! We love Jedi and hope to see him adopted into the loving family his worm filled heart desires, as well as receiving medical treatment to ensure he lives a long, comfortable and happy dog life! Jedi has a life saving adoption fee of $70. This fee saves his life and covers his initial vaccines, rabies vaccine, wellness exam, initial treatment, neuter and heartworm antigen test. Our hours of operation are 10-4, Monday-Saturday. Please stop by 321 Carol Brown Blvd., give us a call at 580-223-7070 or visit our website at www.ShelterLuv.com/matchme/adopt/ARD-A-5039 to fill out an application!

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