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Remember when you were a kid and you use to sneak down by your Christmas Tree, find a present with your name on it, then give it a little shake, shake, shake? And of course, for all you cat lovers it’s the annual battle of keeping the Christmas ornaments on the tree! And Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without the jolliest of all elves, Santa!                                                                         

That said we are giving you The 95/7 KKAJ Shake, Shake Santa Smash Contest!

Step one. Listen to 95/7 KKAJ December 12-23, 2022. 

Step two. Listen for The Santa Q 2 CALL. When you hear it be the first one in at 580-226 22 77.

Step Three. Come down to select a Santa Christmas Ornament off of the tree.

Step four. Place ornament in the can and give it a shake shake shake until it’s broken (great stress reliever). Inside will be a number 1-20.

Step five. Select present on the prize table with that number. It’s easy….Shake Shake Santa Smash from 95/7 KKAJ!!

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