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Wetnose Wednesday

After a good summer fling, it’s time to fall in love.  Don’t leaf him hanging,  you’ll have a “gourd” time! Yankee is quite dandy, he’s a total heart throb and knows how to work his puppy eyes to get what he wants.  He’s an approximately 6 month old, neutered Airedale/Giant Schnauzer mix. He is wonderful with other dogs, children are of course a plus; he loves everyone he meets.  Yankee will alert you when someone is walking by, so no one will ever be unannounced.  He is a puppy still, but a very big one and he will only get bigger! The ideal home will be an active one, filled with lots of love. He will require training to kick his puppy habits, but he’s very intelligent and eager to please!  Yankee thinks he’s small enough to squeeze into your lap, he’s determined to fit.  Yankee’s adoption fee is $40 through the month of October. This fee covers his initial vaccines, rabies vaccine, wellness exam and neuter. Our hours of operation are 10-4, Monday-Saturday. Please stop by 321 Carol Brown Blvd., give us a call at 580-223-7070 or send us message for more information.

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